SW modul Ministr® Video

The video system is implemented as part of the control and management
SW - 3.91.18.VIDEO - for voting and conference systems MINISTR®

Software controlling the entire process of online broadcasting completely automatically and unattended.

Videosystem - basic hardware features:

Videosystem Videosystem

Videosystem - basic software features:

The operator of the voting system assigns the floor to the speaker and the camera automatically finds the pre-defined position of the speaker.

During presence or voting, the image of the public area of the voting system is automatically switched to the video output, so that viewers have an overview of the voting of the representatives.

If there is a break during the meeting of the council, the system automatically switches to the video output information about the break in progress.

Audio for online transmission is taken from MINIST® voting and conference systems or other audio systems and broadcast synchronously with the image.
The viewer, watching the online broadcast from the comfort of his home, he is drawn into the action in the boardroom.

Videosystem Videosystem