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In the case of sound reinforcement of premises, such as sports stadiums, where a high level of background noise is expected, and at the same time the requirement for good intelligibility at the point of origin of background noise (audience echoes), some parameters are modified by special requirements. Due to the frequent more universal use of covered areas during sports matches, various exhibition shows, variety shows, discos on ice or music concerts, a system was developed that meets the required parameters.

The public address system must meet the requirement for high-quality sounding of the given space, in particular spoken word with sufficient intelligibility of voices formants depending on the acoustic properties of the given space and the reproduced music, with the possibility of creating sufficient acoustic pressure for various sports and also contemporary dance music. This method of sound system in sports halls, including its unattended operation, was successfully tested in practice in both in the halls of the Pardubice Arena and at the ZS in Hradec Králové, among other things, during the World Junior Ice Hockey Championships 2001/2002, 2007/2008 and is based on the results of traffic analyzes similar devices installed by our company in other sports halls in the Czech Republic.